Halloween Food Ideas

There are many ways to be festive and creative when it comes to making interesting Halloween food. One of the most common ways to show Halloween spirit through cooking is making snacks in the shape of the holiday’s associated spooks. For example, you can make cookies in the shape of little ghosts, or sandwiches shaped like pumpkins. Some people will even go the whole 9 yards and make a completely edible haunted gingerbread house.

There are other things you can do; maybe you can find some ideas from this list:

  • Peeled grapes are a classic Halloween food that is used to simulate the feel of eyeballs to people who have been blindfolded. Most people know this trick by now, but there are still some you can really make wonder about it and get a few squeals.
  • Thankfully not as time-consuming as peeling grapes, the next is spaghetti. Most people use this for brains. If you want, you can add a green food dye for alien brains. You would be amazed at how real it can look.
  • One of the grosser suggestions is putting something unusual in a bowl of red, yellow, green, or even blue Jello. You could put a weird looking baby doll, a fake finger, or simply decorate the top of it to make it look like a melting face.
  • A Halloween food that you can use as something you can snack on, as well as use for pranks, is a boiled egg or a marshmallow. Using either of those, you can pretend that your eye fell out. You can tint some of it red to look like veins, or draw a pupil on it. We suggest that you use marshmallows that have been made into little balls, rather than the square ones. Carry a few of them with you and trick multiple people through the night. Note: If you go with a handful of eggs to try this one, you may start to smell unpleasant after a while!
  • Different fruits are good for some entertaining Halloween food. If you carve some apples convincingly into small pieces, you could have someone who is blindfolded believe they’re feeling knuckles that have been freshly removed. You could also do that with pears, or even peaches. Another fun fruit idea is to take some cantaloupe and cut them into little slivers. When people feel those, you can tell them they’re tongues that you’ve just taken out of the freezer, explaining the stiffness.
  • If you really want to cause shrieks of disgust and excitement this Halloween, try serving Boogers on a Stick. Even the name is enough to make you gag. While this may not be a well known treat, it is definitely gross to look at. It’s quite entertaining to watch the faces of your guests when they first lay eyes on this special food.To create Boogers on a Stick you will need pretzel sticks, an 8 ounce jar of Cheese Whiz (or any other brand), and about 3 or 4 drops of green food coloring. Heat the Cheese Whiz in your microwave just until it melts. Take it out and let it cool for a few minutes. Add green food coloring, stirring slowly until you have the perfect color of green “boogers.” Dip the pretzels into this lovely mixture one at a time until you have a nice green Booger on the end of the pretzel. Lay them on sheets of wax paper and let them cool completely. Serve them on a colorful plate.

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