Chicken Soup Recipe: Create Your Own

Homemade Chicken Broth Any chicken soup can be made with homemade broth. This broth is made with whole chickens. However, the flavour won't be as rich. You can substitute store-bought

Baked Pasta Recipe:

Baked Pasta Master Recipe Serves 6 Get ready to cook Place a rack in the centre of the oven. Heat oven to 450°F. Place 6 quarts of water in a

Basic Homemade Bread

Bread is a staple food prepared from flour (usually wheat) and water, usually by baking. It has been an important part of many cultures' diets throughout recorded history and worldwide. It

Unusual Fruits

Mangoes and bananas are all too common. You might be surprised at the exotic fruits you can find in your local supermarket. You may think that there are more fruits than you can choose from when you look at the variety of fruits you see in the supermarket. Although you Continue Reading

Delicious Sandwiches

Imagine a world where sandwiches weren’t available. Imagine a world without bread, butter, or meat! Don’t cry! Enjoy this delicious snack and feel happy. The saying, “Life is like a sandwich, the more you add to it, the better it gets”, is a common expression. There are many sandwiches on Continue Reading

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