Sweet Treats Ideas for Your Kid’s Birthday Bash

Get ready for your little one’s birthday bash. These amazing birthday treats will make your little one’s next birthday even more special.

It can be difficult to think of creative ideas for birthday treats for your child every year. We have the perfect recipe for every kid, no matter what size or whether you are looking for something sweet.

These sweet treats will be a hit with your little one and his friends:

Cookies & Cream Dessert Pizza

You get a delicious dessert called “Cookies & Cream Dessert Pizza” when combining cream, cookies, and pizza. You can top it with Oreos and marshmallow fluff. You can also add your favourite sweets or fruits to make it your own.

Doughnuts are a Dress-Up Event

A doughnut can do so many things. It can be dressed up as a cute little minion or a scary vampire. You can also use any of your favourite cartoons. To create funky or cute imagery, make doughnuts of your canvas.

Liquorice Rainbows

Rainbowy treats are a must for birthdays during rainy seasons and spring. What could be better than rainbow-coloured liquorice candy? Use liquorice candies to create a rainbow scene and add mini marshmallows and chocolate-filled golden coins.

Snack Bag for Butterfly Snacks

Pinterest’s fav, ‘Butterfly Snack Bag,’ is a great b’day treat. It can be filled with fruits and goldfish crackers. You can twist a pipe cleaner or use a clothespin to make it more fun. Each child’s name will be personalized.

Brownie Pops

Brownie pops are a fun, chocolatey take on ice cream treats. These brownie pops can be made from a regular brownie mix, sprinkles and popsicles. Popsicles are coated with melted almond bark and food colour.

Sparkling Birthday Sixlets

This is what you would call a sparkling, sprinkled birthday cake. This gorgeous cake is irresistible! This cake is made with six-let chocolate candies coated in classic six-let candy coatings, and it’s a showstopper sweet treat.

Monster Mash Cake

This one would be a hit with monster-lovers! This critter cake is full of monster goodness. It has chocolate chips in the eyes and fuzzy fur-looking frosting. It tastes as good as a Halloween snack.

Candy Kabobs

Pick your child’s favourite candy and make creative, colourful and delicious candy kabobs.

Jarred Cupcakes

Jarred desserts have become a cult favourite. You can see why by looking at these sweet jarred cupcakes. After cooling the cupcakes, cut the bottom of the cake and place it in a jar. Pipe a frosting layer on top of the cupcake. Continue adding icing layers to the cupcakes. Sprinkle colourful sprinkles on top of the jar once you are done.

Pretzels with Sugar on the Top

Perky pretzel rods can be dipped in chocolate and sprinkles for a birthday treat. You can dip them in caramel or mini chocolate chips for extra delight.

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