Unusual Fruits

Mangoes and bananas are all too common. You might be surprised at the exotic fruits you can find in your local supermarket.

You may think that there are more fruits than you can choose from when you look at the variety of fruits you see in the supermarket. Although you may be right, the fruit selections you see at the supermarket are only a small part of the total range available. To make sure that customers know the different varieties of fruits available, grocery stores have been diversifying their selections.

Yet, there are many rare fruits that you may not have seen in your local supermarket.

Let’s now explore some other unusual fruits from all over the globe:


Durian fruit has a unique combination of a terrible smell and a delicious taste. It is a well-known Chinese exotic fruit, known as the ‘king of fruits. This unique fruit is rich in organic sulfur and has flavours similar to cheese. Durian is considered the king of fruits due to its large size and strong odour. It also has a thorn-covered, thorny rind. Despite the unpleasant smell, this fruit is very healthy and nutritious.

Miracle Fruit

Although small in stature, Miracle Fruit can turn sour fruits into sweet treats with their magic taste. Miraculin, a taste modifier, can manipulate the tongue to perceive any sour food to be sweet. This chemical is what gave rise to the miracle fruit. It can even be used as an alternative to artificial sweeteners. Mixing berry juice and lemons will create a delicious new drink.


Rambutan, another strange fruit, is delicious once it is peeled. Although it looks scary at first, it can be very tasty. It is one of the most important fruit trees in SouthEast Asia. It is traditionally grown in Thailand and Malaysia. Jams and jelly are made from Rambutan fruits. The beautiful landscape created by this multicoloured fruit is stunning.


Mangosteen is grown on the Nilgiri Hills in the southern districts of Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu. The fruit’s hard exterior protects it well, but the inside is soft and has a strong taste. Each fruit has an edible flesh that surrounds each seed with an Endocarp. This is the inner layer of each fruit. The traditional medicine of the fruit is long-standing. Queen Victoria once purchased it from all over the globe to try it.

Red Bananas

Red Bananas: Have you ever seen them? You already know that yellow bananas are high in potassium and should be eaten daily. Red bananas are a mixture of mangoes and raspberry and have more potassium, and Vitamin C. Red bananas are pink-coloured when ripe. It is mostly exported from South America and the United Arab Emirates.

White Pitaya

White Pitaya, also known as Dragon Fruit, is a bright red fruit with white flesh and black seeds. It has a texture similar to Kiwi. It is found in Latin America and Asia. Sour pitayas have a stronger flavour and are refreshing. It has low calories and a pleasant, nutty flavour. White Pitaya can also be used to flavour alcoholic beverages and juices.


Longan, another unusual fruit on the list, is similar to Lychee. It is a small, round fruit with a shiny, black seed. Fully ripened fruits are firmer, thinner, and have higher moisture levels. It has a distinctive flavour and is used often in Chinese cuisines, Chinese food therapy and herbal medicine. It is much juicier than fresh fruit, and its flesh is almost as dark as logans.


Mulberries are high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It is native to the Gulf Coast of the United States and the eastern United States. It improves digestion, circulation, weight loss, and metabolism. It may have been originated in China, and it is highly praised because of its excellent nutrition and flavour.


Jujube, a sweet and oval-shaped red fruit, is similar to matured date. Jujube is usually eaten as a snack when it is freshly picked. Although the name may sound odd, it is packed with nutrients. This fruit has amazing health benefits, including its ability to boost skin health, immune system, bone mineral density, and protect the liver.

Water Apple

Jambu, a water apple, is a small round and juicy fruit. Water apple can be eaten as part of a healthy diet because it is rich in vitamins and minerals. Water Apple can help with diabetes management, cholesterol balance, and immune system improvement.

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